About Me

I am a Tallahassee-based writer and avid reader whose hobbies include traveling, playing roller derby, and kayaking.

I work full-time as a Senior Program Specialist at a local nonprofit where I perform research, serve as a client liaison, and write and develop materials such as online trainings and manuals used by federal personnel.

I have also worked as a college English teacher and continue to pursue my love for teaching by helping family and friends edit cover letters and business plans.

I got my Bachelor of Arts in English at North Dakota State University in 2015. I earned my Master's in English at Washington State University in 2017 with a focus on digital technology. In both programs I graduated with high honors.

Since high school I've been asked by friends and family to make their writing "sound better." It's become a life passion over the years, and it's why I pursued a career in communications.

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